How To Travel On A Plane With A Wedding Dress

How To Travel On A Plane With A Wedding Dress

The big day is almost here. Now, you just need to figure out how to get to your selected destination with your wedding dress as one wrong and you could arrive with wrinkled , mishandled grown. Follow these suggestions to keep your dress in the best shape possible!

Carry Your Wedding Dress on The Plane

Do not pack your wedding dress in your luggage; – carry it with you on the plane. Once you arrive on the plane ask the staff to hang your dress softly in the first-class area or lay it carefully in the overhead area to ensure it’s in excellent shape when you arrive. Call ahead to avoid any last-minute surprises when you arrive on the plane!

Bring a Fabric Steamer

No matter the precautions you take, you cannot guarantee a wrinkle-free dress upon arrival. Thus, pack a fabric steamer in case steaming services is not available at the hotel or they are fully booked.

A little planning can make all the difference … it’s always nice to take precautions and avoid any bad surprises.

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