Wedding Favors Mistakes to avoid

Wedding Favors Mistakes to Avoid

Wedding favors or not mandatory or required, if you don’t have the budget for them just skip them, however in case you decide that you want to give them a souvenir for your wedding as a gesture of appreciation for coming all the way to celebrate your WEDDING DAY, here’s some tips you could take into consideration to avoid wedding favor mistakes.

Don’t break the bank just to impress your guests with your wedding favors, just remember it is the thought that counts.

Pick the favors in alignment with the wedding theme.

  • Don’t choose giveaways that are too heavy, fragile or bulky
    as you don’t want your guests to be distracted by the favors all night worrying about weather they will break or too heavy wondering how to carry them , so keep it simple & meaningful.
  • Give your guests favor that they will keep. So pick up favors that are useful.
  • Don’t put your name / initial very obvious, put it discretely.
  • Stay away from edible or sweet favors, as eventually your guests are going to eat them or if they keep them with time sweet and candies will expire and they will have to throw them away thus think about something more thoughtful and long lasting.

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