Why Getting Married Abroad

Why Getting Married Abroad

There are a lot of things to consider whether getting married abroad or not. Here are some reasons to help you take the right decision.

  • Getting married abroad is more RELAXING since your guests and the two of you will be in a holiday mood where there is no place for stress and routine.
  • Getting married abroad is DIFFERENT from the one in your home country, it means exploring new destination, and most of your guests will be thrilled to get this new adventure especially if they are visiting the place for the first time.
  • Getting married abroad is more INTIMATE as only a tight circle of friends will come to celebrate your love.
  • Getting married abroad is LESS COSTLY because you don’t have to invite a lot of people but the ones that you consider close enough to travel miles and miles to celebrate your BIG DAY.
  • Getting married abroad is EASY as BLU VOWS expert know your destination very well and they can advise you about the best suppliers in town, take care of all the details to incorporate the wedding of your dreams.
  • Getting married abroad is more FUN as your guests and the two of you will be exploring new places, new landscapes, and new site seeing together.
  • Getting married in Cyprus or Greece means WONDERFUL WEATHER all year round, you do not have to worry about raining days, bad timing and clothing.


Marrying abroad will make your BIG DAY unforgettable; all you have to do is pack your bags, sit back, relax and let us do the rest.

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